Quality Standard

The company continues to focus on providing the highest satisfaction to customers and consumers. By delivering quality products. With good relationship. Honest and sincere We have developed a quality system to meet international standards.

  • Codex HACCP Certification (TAS 9024: 2007), a global standard that focuses on the management of hazard analysis and critical control points, focusing on the prevention of problems and potential hazards in food production from SGS.
  • Codex GMP Quality System Certification (TAS 9023: 2007), an international standard that emphasizes good hygiene management in the workplace. To be safe for consumption and consumption from SGS.
  • The HALAL standard is the standard of halal food production that is required by the Islamic Law and the Islamic Central Commission of Thailand to guarantee the halal food production.

The company continues to strive to achieve higher standards and pursue a policy of continuous quality and safety.