An IVR system works as an auto attendant system, which attends each call and responds to the caller with pre-recorded voice messages. The caller can interact with the system to get the answer of his/her query or to take desired action. There are various types of IVR system available in the market. For instance, industry specific, department specific, etc. However, the CRM integrated IVR system is the best fit for any department of any company belongs to any industry. In fact, it can work as a powerful tool for catering the different entities of business, including, customers, vendors, prospects, stakeholders, etc.

Let’s have a detailed look into the knowhow and related facts of a CRM integrated IVR system.

What is CRM Integrated IVR System?

Before we get into other details of this solution, first, we need to understand what it actually is! The CRM integrated IVR system is an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), which is integrated with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system of the company. This IVR solution works more intelligently in customer catering to offer the personalized experience to the user.

This is a normal IVR system with added features. Every time someone calls in, the system will attend the call.

Before responding to the caller, the CRM integrated IVR solution will fetch the relevant data of the caller from the CRM integrated with it.

Based on the available data, the IVR system will respond to the caller in a personalized manner.

In case, the caller is calling for the first time and there are no data available for the caller, then in that case, the CRM integrated IVR solution can be programmed to collect the data from the caller and store it into the CRM system of the company for future reference

How CRM Integrated IVR Solution is different than other IVR solutions?

As mentioned, this IVR solution is integrated with the Customer Relationship Management tool/ platform of the company. Thus, it can be programmed to offer the personalized response to the caller. A few examples of such personalized responses are listed hereunder:

The IVR system will greet the caller by his/her name.

It will save the favorite action of the caller and play the favorite options as a primary menu. For example, if the CRM integrated IVRS is used for the Phone bill recharge, and then it will save the prepaid topup amount every time user recharge with, and give it as one of the options. Moreover, it can also program to automate the bill payment of the same postpaid mobile bill payment. This will not only reduce the steps for the user, but will also improve the user experience.

There can be many as such utilities, this IVR solution can offer.

How To Integrate CRM With The IVR System?

There are many companies, which offer the CRM integrated IVR solution. In such IVRS, the CRM is inbuilt and you need to add your CRM data into that solution. There are also companies which offer to integrate your current CRM system with the IVR solution. You may choose any option convenient to you.

This is a basic guide of the CRM integrated IVR solution along with all necessary details.

Article Source: Know Everything About CRM Integrated IVR Solution.


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